Bus and mini bus coating

Kinlita low temperature two-component self-dry system bus and mini bus coating is the ideal selection for coating bus and mini bus.

Product Features

The primer features good corrosion resistance and mechanical property, for diversified base materials of bus and mini bus such as glass reinforced plastic, galvanized steel sheet, electrogalvanized metal sheet, aluminum, it boasts excellent adhesive force and corrosion resistance;

The intermediate coating has high covering property, easy sanding and excellent flatness, and can improve the gloss and fullness of high finishing paint;

The finishing paint, including two-component polyurethane true color paint and metallic paint, the two-component polyurethane true color paint features bright and smooth appearance, excellent distinctness with the functions of protecting gloss and color; the flashing paint features excellent construction property, aluminum powder collocation property, intensive metallics, and excellent distinctness, high gloss and fullness after using varnish finishing.

Applicable Fields

Applicable for the bottom and surface of bus and minibus.

Recommended Product

Product NameProduct Features
KNT0522 epoxy primer
Neutral salt spray test property exceeds 500/720hrs, the heavy metal content meets the Rohs standard.
KNT0606 polyurethane intermediate coating paint
Fast dry, smooth surface, it can improve the gloss and fullness of high finishing paint.
KNT0615 various polyurethane finishing paint
Excellent weather resistance, excellent solution resistance, excellent coating film physical property.
KNT0682 polyurethane varnish
High gloss, high fullness and high decorative property; excellent outdoor weather resistance, good gloss retention; wear resistance and scratch resistance; very high acid rain resistance and oil resistance.
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