Ceramics coating

Ceramics coating is a kind of new type inorganic nanometer water-based coating adopting aerospace industrial technology, and features high temperature resistance, incombustibility, super strong weather resistance, easy to clean and high hardness without traditional organic solvent, it is green and eco-friendly and energy saving with high performance.

In recent years, ceramics coating has achieved a fast development and has been successfully applied for building curtain wall, non-stick cookers, temperature resistance home appliance and so on with a wide market prospect. For example, ceramics coating film contains inorganic ingredients and features fireproof flame retarded, high hardness and high scratch resistance, Additionally, it also boasts good fastness to staining and easy clean as the ideal material for building curtain wall, and has been gradually recognized by the rail traffic industry, Currently, it is mainly applied for the indoor fireproof aluminum sheet decoration for metro station and express railway station, and the internal ornament of metro carriage. In the field of non-stick cooker, ceramics coating film, compared with traditional “teflon” coating, is green and eco-friendly, and doesn’t cause toxic and harmful substances under high temperature with excellent wear resistant property, therefore, the non-stick ceramics coating has earned high popularity from users.

Product Features

High temperature resistance, high weather resistance, fireproof and incombustibility, high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean, water-based and eco-friendly.

Product Series

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