Automobile coating

Kinlita has been devoted to the development, production and sale of automobile coating, and has successfully and independently developed the two-component cathode electrophoretic coating in the late 1990s, which has broken the monopolization of the international coating brand. In recent years, through scientific research innovation and technical cooperation, Kinlita has constantly improved the product quality, standardized the production quality, standardized the production process and expanded the sales channels, and improved the competitive force of the products in the market. The products have completely covered the automobile OEM coating, and have broken the traditional concept of "special for automobile", and are widely applied for fields such as automobile parts, agricultural machinery, motorcycle, light industry electrophoresis and construction machinery, and the products have earned high praise from clients due to the eco-friendly, economic and outstanding performance.

Product Features

Meet the demands of automobile manufacturers with good performance; the products boast rich varieties, outstanding performance with good construction performance and eco-friendly nature.

Product Series

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