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PVDF fluorocarbon coating

Fluorocarbon PVDF adopts electronegative fluorine with strong fluorocarbon bone, and features excellent properties: weather resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, unique non-stick property and low rub resistance. It completely meets the USA building material standard AAMA2605 and national standard HG/T3793-2005.

Applicable Fields

High grade building external wall aluminum sheet, workshop in coastal area and area with bad climate.

Recommended Product

Product Name Product Features
KNT0638 rolling PVDF fluorocarbon finishing paint
Salt spray resistance reaches 3000hrs, xenon lamp aging resistance 6000hrs.
KNT0636 spraying PVDF fluorocarbon finishing paint
Super outdoor weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anticorrosion, with self clean function.
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