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Kinlita non-stick ceramics coating is a kind of new type water-based inorganic nanometer coating by adopting sol - gel technology without the defects of traditional fluorine coating which has low temperature resistance, harmful substances under high temperature, low hardness and low wear resistance, the product features high thermal stability, high hardness wear resistance and scratch resistance without releasing any harmful substance. The nanometer fine granule film has high coagulating, non-stick property and wide application as the new type ceramics coating.

Applicable Fields

Applicable for coating the internal and external surface of non-stick cooker and other cookers with non-stick requirement.

Recommended Product

Product Name Product Features
KNT-CA-1006 non-stick ceramics coating
Diversified colors, hardness 7H, high wear resistance, good non-stick property, two-component system (maturing is required), require sand blasting, applicable for die-casting pot, stretching pot and so on. It has passed the international foods safety certification without toxin and harm, and is the really green and eco-friendly coating.
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