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High weather resistance vehicle frame electrophoretic coating

The product is the high grade electrophoretic coating with once electrophoresis and features high corrosion resistance and extremely high weather resistance. It features excellent coating film appearance, and is capable of meeting the demands in high appearance and high weather resistance as well as corrosion resistance.

Applicable Fields

Applicable for motorcycle frame with extremely high weather resistance as the primer-topcoat in one coating.

Recommended Product

Product Name Product Features
KNT8300 Series
1. High weather resistance, high corrosion resistance: xenon lamp ageing: 800hrs, salt spray test: 500hrs;
2. The coating film has excellent leveling property, high gloss (>80), very good appearance;
3. Low pigment-to-binder ratio construction, the bath solution has high stability;
4. Green and eco-friendly, coating energy saving: reduce the coating procedure with primer-topcoat in one technology, low curing temperature, low content of solvent, without heavy metals.
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