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Plumbing equipments white electrophoretic coating

KNT833lF/offwhite product is the home appliance white electrophoretic coating with excellent anti-yellowing performance, low baking odor, excellent powder applicability, and is applicable for diversified metal bases with high pre-processing applicability. The product is energy saving and eco-friendly.

Applicable Fields

Applicable for home appliance such as oil heater and plumbing equipments which is used with powder.

Recommended Product

Product Name Product Features
1.The coating film has excellent leveling property, high gloss, very good appearance;
2.Excellent anti-yellowing performance: no yellowing after over baking and repeated baking;
3.Excellent base and pre-processing applicability: applicable for diversified metal bases and diversified different pre-processing use with;
4.Green and eco-friendly, low curing temperature, low content of solvent, baking odor low, without heavy metals.
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