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Primer-topcoat in one electrophoretic coating

The epoxy and acrylic compound coating is produced after once electrophoresis as the electrophoretic coating with high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance. The coating film has excellent appearance, and doesn’t need to use finishing paint coating.

Applicable Fields

Applicable for coating the body of agricultural machinery, and the coating film features high corrosion resistance and weather resistance with diversified colors.

Recommended Product

Product Name Product Features
KNT833 Series
1.high corrosion resistance, high weather resistance: salt spray test 500hrs, QUV: 500hrs;
2.The coating film has excellent leveling property, high gloss, very good appearance;
3.The thickness of coating film is controllable, construct with thick film for specific product;
4.With diversified colors, such as black, gray, dark grey and steel grey;
5.Green and eco-friendly, coating energy saving: reduce the coating procedure with primer-topcoat in one technology, low curing temperature, low content of solvent, without heavy metals.
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