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Vehicle body electrophoretic coating

As the new type cation electrophoretic coating basing on epoxy resin, isocyanate cross-linking agent, toughening resin with pigment and filling, the product features good throwing power, electrodeposit construction performance and excellent corrosion resistance. the product is eco-friendly, low content of solvent, without heavy metals such as lead and chrome; wide construction window, intermediate coating-free use with finishing paint, and is applicable for various automobile bases.

Applicable Fields

Applicable for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, farm vehicle and other type of vehicle body as the electrophoretic coating, and is capable of meeting the special demands of clients in low temperature baking, intermediate coating-free use and so on.

Recommended Product

Product Name Product Features
KNT861 Series
160℃/10min curing, low heating loss, high throwing power, excellent corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, coating film has excellent appearance.
KNT831 Series
165℃/20min curing, ultra high throwing power, excellent corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance, coating film has excellent appearance, usable with intermediate coating-free finishing paint, low coating film consumption, high cost performance.
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