Human Resources

Viewpoint on Talent

Insisting on the outline of "People-Orientation" and the principle of "Utilization of Capable", strengthening the construction of talents team.

Human effort is the decisive factor, staff is the essential and most important factor for the fate of enterprise, and the core of market competition is staff. Every management staff of the company has established the thought of "People-Orientation". Only when most management staffs have this thought, then the enterprise may get the centripetal force, cohesion, vital force and competitive force.


The thought of People Orientation shall be shown in the following aspects:
1. Recruit the capable
2. Employ with competition
3. Reasonable reward
4. Cultivating and training

Creating the atmosphere of sincerity, amicability, mutual affection and team work between the superior and inferior and colleagues, establishing the safe, healthy and pleasant work environment for staffs, promote staffs to look the enterprise as a big family and the team with common effort.

We are sincerely inviting the talents, and we believe to achieve a brighter future with you!

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